Morgan Stanley

Integrity Hotline

Concerns relating to ethical or business conduct matters, including sales practice, accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, may be brought to the Firm’s attention through an independent vendor engaged to receive reports of such concerns. Reports may be made anonymously and will be kept confidential, subject to applicable law and our need to properly review the matter. For additional information or to submit a report online, click here.

Integrity Hotline Telephone Numbers

If you must dial an access code (see below), dial ONLY the access code first, and then wait for an international AT&T operator (or voice recording) to begin on the line. Once the voice recording begins, dial the toll-free number exactly as it appears below:

Location Toll Free Number AT&T Access Codes
Argentina 0800-444-3426 Not Applicable
Australia 1-800-319-518
Brazil 0800-892-0804
China 400-661-2181
Hong Kong 800-96-0018
Hungary 06-800-21-408
Israel 180-931-7234
Italy 800-790329
Korea 00798-1-1-003-7447
Luxembourg 800-852-44
Mexico 001-844-505-5660
Netherlands 0800-408-0006
Poland 00-800-151-0252
Qatar 008-001-00376
Russia 800-555-4498
Singapore 800-110-2335
Thailand 1800-011-781
United States 855-729-4274
Canada 866-448-8434 Please Visit the AT&T Website for a complete list of available country codes
Chile 866-940-6738
Colombia 866-940-6738
France 866-940-6738
Germany 866-940-6738
Greece 866-940-6738
India 866-940-6738
Indonesia 866-940-6738
Ireland 866-940-6738
Japan (bilingual service*) 866-448-8434
Malaysia 866-448-8434
Mauritius 866-448-8434
Peru 866-940-6738
Philippines 866-940-6738
Romania 866-940-6738
Saudi Arabia 866-940-6738
Spain 866-940-6738
Switzerland 866-940-6738
South Africa 080-020-0400
Sweden 020-140-8292
Taiwan 866-940-6738
Turkey 866-940-6738
UAE 866-940-6738
United Kingdom 866-940-6738